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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 – Review

Nokia's long-awaited Windows phone, the Lumia 800, had created a lot of boasting when it was released in late July but, unfortunately, Nokia’s first Windows model has never generate reviews that are positive and interest from consumers. Some feel nokia has joined the mobile phone war a little overdue. Smartphones on the market using Enthusiasm software have just a 2 % business, in contrast to Google Operating system at around 50 % and Apple at 15-20 %.

Appearance: The Lumia 800 is available in three colors – Dark-colored, Fuschia and Cyan. It has a plastic body which creates it scratch-resistant. The 3.7-inch cup display has a part of Corning Gorilla Goblet. It has got the best fashionable look which will attract experts as well as all those who take ‘style with substance’ as their slogan.

Capabilities: The display is amazing. It has a stunning 480x800 pixel AMOLED display, ideal for multi media usage that provides out the best in Mango's vivid program.

There as is a devoted digicam option which changes on the digicam with 1 media. However, there is no entrance digicam which creates it quite frustrating. Efficiency prudent the 8 mega-pixel digicam is nothing much to create about. It is not the best but is still up to the level as far as day-to-day functions is worried.

The base has a presenter grill which also encases the mic. The USB slot as well as SIM card section is quite confusing, not for those people who like straightforward style. It allows 16GB of inner storage space.

Functionality: Power supply is regular. The Call understanding too is regular too. The touchscreen technology system that operates on Windows Phone 7.5 - Apple managing System has a controlled model. It has a 1.4 Ghz Qualcomm MSM 8255 single-core model with 512MB of RAM.

Score: Nokia Lumia 800, with a selling price of Rs 29,999, is a exciting purchase if one were to go by its fashionable appearance and experience. It is classy yet has a solid build. However if you want to have a smart buy you can make do with Lumia 800 till another smartphone of the equivalent range and feature hits the market place.


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