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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lumia 800 no game changer

Nokia lumia 800
Nokia's long-awaited Windows mobile phone devices may be too little, too overdue in the mobile phone war and financial commitment decision in the stocks will progressively more be influenced by takeover rumours.

Its first Windows design, the Lumia 800, won some opinions that are good but little interest from people, with only 2 percent of Folks in the market for a mobile phone saying they would select it, according to a study by Exane BNP Paribas.

"This is not a game filter," a senior European telecommunications management told Reuters of the Lumia, which uses Enthusiasm program. Nokia's stocks have decreased over 20 % since the July 26 release of the new phone, after people decided it was unlikely to make a significant reduction in a industry still covered with The apple company and The search engines.

Smartphones using Enthusiasm program have just a 2 per cent business, compared with The search engines Operating system mobile phone at around 50 % and The apple company at 15-20 %.

Smartphones on the market are built on traveling with a laptop systems, and the most modern incorporate web windows, techniques, cameras and transportable music techniques. A so-called "feature" cellphone -- a market Htc rules -- has far less of these programs.

Microsoft itself has started to hedge its gamble, making its program progressively more available for challenges to Enthusiasm windows Phone.

Even Nokia's old Symbian program, which it determined to put in give preference to of Enthusiasm, still outsells Enthusiasm windows Mobile phones by 10 to 1. And as Htc keeps moving to Enthusiasm windows, sales of Symbian have a lot of room to dissatisfy over coming areas.

And while some dispute there is no space for a third alternative to The search engines and Apple, some designers and employees do see space for more competition in this market.

The 2012 Microsoft windows 8 improvement could appeal to a broader visitors by providing making the way smartphones on the market, pills and PCs work more similar.

For people, the greatest positive delight could be an obtain offer. After Htc finalized a deal with Enthusiasm, speculation of full takeover by Enthusiasm or at least purchase of mobile phone model have made units regular.


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