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Friday, November 18, 2011

IPhone 4S Pre-order Begins A Few Hours Confirm's Aircel

Aircel site had a statement saying that the iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order of November 18 output

An Aircel spokesperson, said, “We will have a midnight (night of Nov 24) launch of the iPhone 4S across all the Aircel retail outlets in India. The pre-order should start in a few hours (November 18).”

The iPhone 4S was launched in the US on October 4. The new iPhone is a slight upgrade from the iPhone 4 with the dual-core A5 chip and an 8 megapixel camera. In the meantime, we heard a birdie on Twitter making a statement that the iPhone 4S 16GB version will be available for Rs. 44,500 and 32GB for Rs. 50,900. Take this detail with a pinch of salt though. So are you pre-ordering one today?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nokia is Happy with it's Lumia response

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said there were promising early response, and Windows phones and the company expects demand to increase the spread of Microsoft Corp's tiled user interface to personal computers, and tablets.

"The reaction is remarkably positive," Elop said in Barcelona at a conference organized by Morgan Stanley yesterday. "We need to introduce the experience to consumers to get them to try it because we know once they try it they will like it." Nokia starts selling the Lumia 800, which Elop calls "the first real Windows Phone device," in six European markets this month.

Elop, 47, last month, Nokia announced its first Windows phone models, the company has lost the country 10 years of the Symbian software. Nokia has lost more than 60 billion euros (81 billion U.S. dollars) in market value because of Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone in 2007.

The company intends to expand its range from 420 - Snow 800 and € 270 710 € Snow as well as cheaper and more expensive devices, Elop said today.

Nokia, Espoo, Finland, is running an advertising campaign centered on tile interface phones' user space, which are dynamically updated with new information.

Will benefit as a phone Microsoft offers a similar interface to Windows 8 and tablet PC software, which is opposite to "hundreds of millions of people," said Elop. Nokia has not announced any plans for the tablet even if you see "an interesting opportunity," he said, and stressed before the comments.

Nokia fell 0.3 percent to 4.91 euros in exchange for Helsinki from 10:33. Before today, the stock had fallen 36 percent this year.

Nokia has partnered with Microsoft to create a "third ecosystem" rivals the combined service offerings and iPhone and devices running the Android system of Google Inc. who has stuck its market share. Fourth Quarter Sales combined Lumia can be between 1 million and 1.5 million units, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.

"We have taken a very deliberate strategy to how we roll out the Lumia product line," Elop said. "We know we have a lot of work to do step by step, so we look at it as a build."
Nokia is in the customization of the Lumia and service packages for each market, he said. The United States will Lumia combined in early 2012 and China in the first half of the year.

Race with Android 

Nokia smartphone market share was down 16 percent in the third quarter, 50.8 percent, while the iPhone was introduced, according to Gartner Inc., Android is the largest class of devices for 52.5 percent of sales of smartphones and the iPhone is the third.

Nokia is the world's leading supplier of mobile devices assembled from units.

"Our priority is to help Windows Phone ecosystem compete with Android," said Stephen Elop. There are still millions of Nokia users who have not yet bought iPhones or Androids, he said.

President and CEO, former Microsoft executive, said it has implemented a clearer decision-making, and has removed five layers of management. He restructuring the sales organization of Nokia, after sales plummeted in the second quarter, the accumulation of reserves held by dealers.