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Friday, July 22, 2011

World views Jayalalithaa as a leader: Clinton

World views Jayalalithaa as a leader: Clinton

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has hailed Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa as a "wonderful woman who is viewed as a leader around the world".

At a closed door interaction with the members of Working Women's Forum (WWF) on Wednesday night, excerpts of which were released on Thursday, Clinton said: "I want to thank my friend and your friend, a wonderful woman who is viewed as a leader around the world, Jaya."

Appreciating the self help group and panchayat members for their work in promoting democracy, Clinton said, referring to the chief minister: "This is a woman who has worked so hard. And all of you will have to decide how you can follow her model, so that you not only help yourselves and your families but you spread the word about microfinance, about bank accounts, about starting businesses, about getting health services, about empowering the women of this state, and giving everyone a chance to live up to your god-given potential."

Clinton, who arrived in New Delhi on Tuesday and flew down to Chennai for her maiden visit the next day, said she is honoured to celebrate the accomplishments of WWF in bringing micro-credit, healthcare and other services.

Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa
Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa
Stressing her belief in self help movement, Clinton said: "I have seen the results with my own eyes. From Bangladesh to India to South Africa to Chile and Nicaragua and Latin America, I have seen women's lives change, as we heard from the wonderful story earlier. Every one of you has a story, and I applaud you for what you have done to help yourselves."

She said Goldman Sachs, a global financial company, has decided to support a training programme through the Indian School of Business to help self-help groups bring even more knowledge and skills about how to take their businesses from the very local village level to the cities and the rest of the world.

Clinton said the US and the Indian government will establish a regional training programme at the Asia University of Women to spotlight the success of the panchayat programme, and train more women to be local leaders.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google+ users to import address books

Google will allow users to upload their address book from Google +, importing contacts could not be otherwise in the new social networking company.

"We've been listening to feedback from our users who want more flexible ways to find their friends on Google+," Rohit Khare, a Google product manager, wrote in a Google+ post on Tuesday night. "One of the most flexible tools is an address book uploader, and I wanted to share the good news that it will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days."

The new uploader, users can take their address books (in CSV format) or vCard electronic business cards, and roll into Google +. Khare, however, has promised to keep the imported contacts in isolation, the current Google contacts, and save them on, notes that you are looking for. Launched in late June, the new Google + social networks has received positive reviews for the most part, and the only real problem with the lack of invitations. Also joined the CEO of Facebook, and praise for Google +.

Google quickly remedy this problem by opening invitations to the public by encouraging high estimates of Google's success +. Google executives said they are about + Google for the rest of their online properties, including an offer from Google. Create a healthy ecosystem of users ways to attract a solid user base, which can create content and attract new users. A version of Google + for companies that are expected later this year.

"We're hoping our new address book uploader helps users discover new ways to find their friends," Khare wrote. "As always, keep the feedback coming, and thanks for using Google+!"

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Google+ reached 10million Users already ?

Google+ may be about to reach 10 million users

Google has made several unsuccessful attempts to launch a social networking service in the past, but the initial reaction to Google + suggest that it will be much better   reported this news.

Paul Allen, the founder of, said the number of users of the service, and predict that Google will be hosting + its 10 millionth member, if not already done so.

"Using a sample of 100-200 surnames, I am able to accurately assess the overall percentage of the population of the United States that have signed up for Google +. So I will use this number and a ratio calculated from the United States to non-US users to generate my global estimates." he said.

Google has not released official data for the use of the service, although anecdotal evidence that demand is high, and some of the most popular services, users are already tens of thousands of people.

Although the criticism, Google's social network has been well received. A recent post + Google Gondotra Vic, vice president of Google's Social, said: "A lot of criticism from Google + listen, and tried to intervene Stay tuned for the changes this week ..." Google will change its social networking rivals.

Twitter has more than 300 million users of Facebook, and last week announced 750 million.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bionic eyes for the blind to see

Scientists develop bionic eye intelligent and elegant. Glasses, says that could soon be on sale and help hundreds of thousands of blind people in the world, experience the gift of sight. The "intelligent glasses", developed by a team of scientists from Oxford University in the UK, uses cameras and a small handheld device to notify the owners of the objects and people to come.

Cheap, lightweight

The cheap and lightweight glasses, which could be on sale by 2014 following successful trials, would make it easier for the blind to navigate roads in busy neighborhoods and even read bus numbers, the researchers said.

Elderly people with age-related macular degeneration are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries, the Daily Mail reported.

Past technological endeavours to create such a device have resulted in large dark spectacles accompanied by clunky cameras and bulky computers.

But advances in technology mean it should be possible to create bionic spectacles that look almost indistinguishable from standard glasses.

Importantly, a price tag of less than a thousand pounds should make them affordable, the researchers told the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition.

“It is satisfying to think that we will be able to produce this at a cost that is going make it available to the people who will benefit the most,” according to Dr Stephen Hicks, who has completed the basic research and is now working on prototype spectacles.

He envisages transparent glasses with lenses studded with small light-emitting diodes and cameras the size of a pinhead at the outside top corners of the frame.

The cameras will photograph the information the eyes should see and send the images through a cable to a mobile phone-sized computer which could be placed in the wearer's pocket.

The computer will process information and to simplify it into a dot pattern. Light-emitting diodes in the lenses so bright up in the scheme which gives important information about the wearer ahead.

Neptune turns 1 year on July 12

Neptune, the planet has completed the first orbit of the sun July 12 Since its discovery in 1846 by Johann Galle. Planetary Society of India (PSI) will come up with a program that helps teachers better understand the planet. On July 12, astronomy, designed by the laboratory PSI held in All Saints High School in Abids. Science and social science teacher of each school will participate in this seminar.

Neptune Turns 1 Year this July 12

 The workshop aims to understand better, less recognized, discussing the facts about the planet that the discovery of the planet showed the way to the discovery of Uranus and Pluto. Planet surrounded by rings similar to Saturn and its 13 moons.

The planet Neptune was recognized about 165 years ago, and comes with one year to 12 July. Planet can not be seen with the naked eye, binoculars and so you need to view it. The exact length of time is not yet assured, since it had previously announced that it will take about 16 hours and 6 minutes.

 But recently, a scientist, Erich Karkoschka, from the University of Arizona in Tucson reported that the length of day is 15 hours, 57 minutes and 59 seconds. Experience in expert workshop participants.

Leaked photos of Symbian Belle powered Nokia Zeta hit the Internet

technology in the world is abuzz with rumors of a new range of Nokia phones based on Symbian Fine. Adding fuel to the fire, new photos of Nokia Zeta aka the Nokia 700, a Fine Symbian-based phones, has come to light. Reports say that the device sports 1GHz processor, 3.2-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 640x360, VGA front facing camera and behind the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash.

Zeta Nokia is also presented as ; the thinnest smartphones ever ; but look at some of the offerings in the market right now, will probably be the thinnest smartphone Nokia ever held. The unit is also supposed to be very light, 80gm.

The smartphone also has the NFC connection - a new feature which Nokia seems to work. The Finnish company recently unveiled MeeGo based N9, who also played the NFC connection.

 There are rumors that many Symbian-powered Beautiful, especially the high end are equipped with connectivity features NFC. The smartphone is allso Zeta said to be equipped with support for 3G HSPA speeds via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The unit also offers storage memory of 32 GB via Micro SD card. It is speculated that Nokia Zeta fall under Nokia smartphone segment budget.

The new Symbian phones Nokia Belle shows apparently is not finished with the Symbian OS itself, as it prepares for the Windows7 Mobile. Too late, we saw a vague image drain Nokia phones. And the day of Symbian to Nokia Zeta has only intensified expectations.

Now Hackers Hit Washington Post

Hackers use the work in line maintained by the Washington Post Co., the site aims to touch more than one million user names and e-mail and marking the last attack of virtual companies and government agencies, DJ News Wires reported on Thursday.


 The e-mail Wednesday evening, a media company that informs the user about the work of the board that a unknown third party had made a number of user names and email addresses for more than two separate events in June. No password or other personal information was accessed according to the company.

The incident has affected some 1.27 million user names and email address. The Washington Post said it was investigating an attack on law enforcement and a review of its site.

The attack followed a frenzy of online break-ins that target governments and businesses worldwide. Earlier this week, a hacker group claimed to have destroyed 74 of the Turkish government websites. The pirates were also sent to Sony, the U.S. Senate and AT& T, among others.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook video calling

Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook's free Skype video calling app.

check out the video.

Hackers take advantage of Apple iPad and iPhone's flaws

(Reuters) - Hackers have disclosed a bug in software from Apple Inc (AAPL.O) that security experts said could be exploited by criminals looking to gain remote control over iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices.
The security flaw in Apple's iOS operating system came to light on Wednesday as the website released code that Apple customers can use to modify the iOS operating system through a process known as "jail breaking."
Some Apple customers choose to jail break their devices so they can download and run applications that are not approved by Apple or use iPhone phones on networks of carriers that are not approved by Apple.
Security experts warned that criminal hackers could download that code, reverse engineer it to identify a hole in iOS security and build a piece of malicious software within a few days.
"If you are a malicious attacker, it is fairly doable," said Patrik Runald, a senior researcher with the Internet security firm Websense.
Apple has yet to release an update to iOS that protects customers against malicious software that exploits the flaw.
Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said the company was aware of the problem.
"We are developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update," Muller said.
Apple has long been vocal against jail breaking, which if done voids the warranty on its devices.
Any security flaw in iOS software -- which runs Apple's iPhone, iPad tablet and iPod Touch -- has the potential to affect millions of devices that are at the core of Apple's business.
Apple has sold 25 million iPads since it launched last year. The company sold over 18 million of its popular iPhones in just the first three months of the year.
Hackers can exploit the iOS vulnerability by creating a malicious PDF document file. It would infect Apple devices when users attempt to open that document, according to Runald.
Once the device is infected, hackers could "do anything they want," Runald said. That includes stealing passwords, documents and emails.
Comex, a 19-year-old hacker from New York State who developed the jail-breaking tool, said that Apple might be able to patch the software before criminal hackers develop software that exploits the bug.
Last time he put out a version of his jailbreaking software, Apple was able to issue a patch before anybody exploited the bug for malicious purposes.
He said that Apple might not be able to move quickly enough this time.
"It's not that hard to reverse engineer," he said via telephone. (Reporting by Jim Finkle, additional reporting by Poornima Gupta; Editing by Bernard Orr)

Warning keep away from fake Google+ invites

Scammers try to make the most out of the latest online social networking sensation.

Google+ is red hot right now, but the problem is that you can join it by invitation only. Needless to say, scammers don't want to waste this opportunity to 'make hay while the sun shines'. Don't be surprised if you receive a Google+ invite, even when you haven't really applied for one - it may be from one such scammer, according to a report by Sophos, the security agency.

Beware Of Fake Google+ Invites

The invites appear very authentic, but the sender is not really a Google+ member, rather some scammer associated with one of the many online pharmacy websites. Clicking on the Learn more about Google+ link will not take you to the Google+ signup page, but will land you at one of the shady online pharmacy websites set up to sell ViagraCialis, andLevitra. With Google+ trending heavily worldwide, and some even selling invites for the same on e-bay at US$ 75, it is hard for anyone to not fall prey to such scams.

Beware Of Fake Google+ Invites

The next time you receive a Google+ invite, make sure you check what URL the link in the mail actually points to.

Google+ : new social network review

It’s been only a week of Search Engine giant Google’s social networking service Google+ in the market, and already the buzz regarding the service is soaring. The insane response that the service got when it was launched in the market made a lot of tech buffs like us take their time from everything else and have a look at the service, and hence we created our Google+ profile and started exploring the service, which although is in its Beta stage, but looks rather promising.
So, here is our experience of Google+ so far.
First a caveat: The Google+ service still is in its early days or as we know Beta version, and hence our current experience could vary drastically with the ultimate experience that we all might have when the service is launched with all its features.
(Oh, and by the way is you are looking for a Google+ invitation, then we are sorry, you will have to wait.)

Google+ till now is a very much “beta” service, and hence suffers form some — expected, from a beta service — bugs, enigmas and oddments. And that also could be because the people who currently are using the service are all major social media geeks.
This is the reason why any sort of comparison of Google+ with the existing social media giants like Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter, seems pretty irrelevant or as we like to call it nuances. But at the same time, it’s always better to have the geeks try Google+. Afterward, as the service is available in full fledged manner, less-geeky or layman users can make the most of the process. So it’s better as for now to keep the expectations modest, and just hand around.
The key components for the Google+ mobile applications are the free Google+ Android app, obviously and the mobile web app, which can be accessed through the mobile browser on most of the web-enabled handsets.

What we like:
If we are asked what we liked about the Google+, from the top of the mind we will say the Google+ Android app. But that’s not it, there are some other things that we liked about the latest social networking service from search engine giant Google.

Some other things that we liked about the Google+ is the fact that we were able to categorize our contacts using its “Circles”, which are groups that we define, and can share stuff only with the “Circles” that we intend to share or even with all of them. The sharing stuff included photos, news, videos etc. So, overall we were more than happy with the “circles”, and the best thing was that this functionality was also available for the Android app without any sort of difficulty.

In addition to “Circles”, there is the “Hangouts” feature that allows you to have video chat with 10 people at a time. Now, that’s pretty big, considering the fact that none of the social networks as for now have succeeded in doing that, and that we all love to “Hangout” with our pals. The video chat functionality has not been seen in any of the social networks, but we have heard that Facebook will be making an important announcement on 6th of July, 2011, Wednesday, and on the basis of the rumors floating around we guess that its browser based Video Chat feature supported by Skype. So, it’s pretty obvious that the Google+ already has started affecting its rivals and has given them something to think about.

What’s We Didn’t Liked:
One of the things that we didn’t liked about Google+ is one of its prominent part apps “Huddle”, which is featured on the home screen.

As far as we know, the “huddle” is believed to be the Google+ substitute to group texting services. It will allow the groups defined by the users to summon on-the-fly personal discussions like deciding where to meet or things like that.

We were able to use the Android app for initiating a huddle and invite a lot of friends. Though, there was a restriction that the user joining huddle should also be using the Android app. We think that Google+ users should be allowed to participate in a huddle using the mobile Web.

Finally, just as we said, Google+ still is in its Beta version, and considering that and taking into consideration that its respectably functional, engaging and interesting we think that the service has what it takes to keep make us using it.

At the same time, we also would like to appreciate the user interface of Google+ — Mobile and Web – for being cleaner, more visceral, more captivating, more comprehensible, and less potentially deceptive than Facebook’s. In addition to that all it offers a huge potential for connecting with all the Google services, that we are already using: Gmail, Google calendar, Google docs and several other.

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Why Google+ is better than Facebook ? Answers here !!

It’s been only few days that Google+ entered the market, and the new social network from Google already is making buzz over internet as a social network which will beat Facebook. A lot of tech websites are talking about Google+ and what makes it different or better than Facebook, and how can it beat Facebook. So we too decided to give it a try and find out whether the buzz is for real or it’s just like what we saw at the time of Google Wave and Google Buzz.

The prominence or as you call the marketing of Google+ is so strong that even the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has got a Google+ account.

A lot of people are still thinking that will Google+ succeed in dethroning Facebook as the global leader in Social Networking, just like Facebook did to MySpace.

After giving serious thought and research to Google+, here’s what we found, or you can say, here are the reason why Google+ is better than Facebook:

1) Google+ Circles: Better Privacy Control

Rather than having a Facebook’s Friends’ list, Google+ groups your friends via +Circles. And the best thing about these +Circles are that it allows you to share your status update or photo or anything with your choice of +Circle. This is something that gives Google+ a bit edge over Facebook in privacy control.
According to a Google engineer, “Its really vital for us. You should be able to have control on who to and who not to see your posts.”
Google+ will be able to drag their friends into social “circles”, which they will be creating as per their liking. The circles are designed in a manner that they remain private. For instance, users can name the circles as “Acquaintances,” “Family” and “Co-workers.”

2) Google+ Hangouts: Allows Video Chat For Up To 10 People
Considering the fact that Facebook even now doesn’t have the video chat feature, tech buffs are already pointing out where Google+ already is ahead in the social networking game. Using +Hangouts in Google+, 10 people at a time could video chat using +Hangouts.
The +Hangouts gives the users a web platform to hangout with their circles, and considering the fact that people have always liked hanging out with their friends in family, this we think is a superb offering.
We’ve heard that Facebook will be launching Skype-Powered browser video chat on Wednesday as an answer to +Hangouts.

3) +Sparks: Choose Who to Share News/Topics With
This by far is our favorite feature, and the simple reason for that being the fact that the +Sparks gives articles and videos that it thinks you might be interested in reading and hence gives you something to read, watch and share whenever you are free.

A Google+ user might want to share a news or video with specific Circles in their Social Network, and the good thing here is that if you want you can either share the news or topic with a certain Circle on your social network or can share it with all of your connections on Google+.

So, there are some of the reasons why we think that the Google+ is better than Facebook, if you have different opinions or whatever you think of Google’s new Social Network, do let us know.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Surfing and sharing: Tips

We all use it, and have a hard time imagining life without it. Wireless Local Area Networks, better known as WLAN, make our lives easier, at least so far as internet surfing is concerned.
But those networks are rarely pushed to the limits of their capacity. In theory it would be easy and beneficial to split WLAN usage, sharing cost and capacity with those around you. One problem: the nasty legal situations that can arise.
It’s not hard to find a wireless network when on the go: Cafes, bars, and restaurants frequently post stickers on their doors announcing free WLAN use. Customers need only request the access key from the bartender, or in many cases it’s printed right on the menu.
There are also a variety of websites specializing in cataloguing hotspots, organized down to the city and street. Some municipal government websites include listings of free access points as well.
Discretion is often advised when using public WLAN hotspots, though. If you end up connecting to a WLAN network with poor or even no encryption, then your data - including sensitive access data - can easily be intercepted.
“WLAN using the outdated WEP procedure must be regarded as open,” warns the German Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (BSI).
The agency recommends avoiding open WLAN networks if the data traffic isn’t encrypted from start to finish, which can be identified through the “HTTPS” in the address.
If through exceptional circumstances use of an open WLAN and unencrypted pages is inescapable, then the BSI recommends at least turning off automated synchronisation of online services, especially on mobile devices. One thing that applies for all devices: after finishing a session with open WLAN networks, that network’s profiles should be deleted from the device to prevent it from logging into them again automatically in the future.
Hotspots working with WPA2 encryption, the current standard, can be considered adequately secure. The BSI recommends a complex password using at least 20 characters but with no existing words or names. They also advise that WPA2 be used on home routers. The factory default SSID should also be changed.
Why is it necessary to lock down access so diligently? Because in some countries or jurisdictions, the operator of an insecure WLAN access point can be held partially liable for crimes such as downloading of illegal content. The operator of the hotspot then has to bear lawyer fees, but is not entitled to compensation for the copyright violation itself.
“Leaving a network unsecured as a goodwill gesture can bring big risks with it,” says Joerg Heidrich, legal advisor at c’t computer magazine.
In principle that applies for WLAN access shared with neighbours, and for case-by-case divulging of the network password as well. How do restaurants and cafes get around this issue? Forcing customers to log in using the access key helps alleviate concerns about unsupervised usage.

source : hindu