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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lg launched Optimus Black @ Rs.19,990 - details

If you're looking for a smartphone around Rs. 20,000, here's yet another option to consider. The LG Optimus Black Android smartphone is officially out in India, with LG boasting it to be the lightest high-end smartphone in the market, weighing at 109 grams. Compared to the LG Optimus 2X, the Optimus Black offers some interesting features at a lower price point.

The LG Optimus Black comes with a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen and a display resolution of 480x800 pixels. What's more the Optimus Black has a layer of Gorilla Glass over its IPS LCD screen, which typically means scratch resistiveness, great colours and viewing angles. Unfortunately, the LG Optimus Black currently bundles in the older Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, with LG promising an update to Gingerbread 2.3 sometime in July.

The smartphone has decent internal hardware. There's a single core 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 2GB of internal storage on the LG Optimus Black. The Android smartphone also comes with two cameras: a primary rear-facing 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash and a secondary front-facing 2MP camera for video chats -- there are added features like smile and face detection.

In terms of connectivity, the LG Optimus Black has good overall specs. The Android smartphone from LG supports GPRS, EDGE 3G, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11n and DLNA. There's a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack and a microUSB port for charging and data transfer. The LG Optimus Black's memory is expandable to 32GB via a microSD card slot.
The LG Optimus Black comes with a standard 1500mAh Li-Ion battery, claiming to offer up to 6 hours of continuous talktime and 375 hours of standby time. The LG smartphone is currently available in India at a price of Rs. 19,990 with a few colour choices: black, pink, silver, white and brown.

So apart from the re-launched iPhone 3GS, the LG Optimus Black will face stiff competition from popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S i9003, HTC Desire Z, and Samsung Nexus S.
Will you buy the LG Optimus Black? Will it beat rival phones at similar price points?

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Google+ New Competition for Facebook ?

Internet search giant Google has launched its new social networking service called Google+. This is part of yet another effort from the company, to claim a share in the lucrative social networking space dominated by Facebook. Google+ not only lets users post photos, videos, messages, comments, etc, but also will bring "real-world interactions" and "real-life sharing" online, according to the company. Google's Senior Vice President for Engineering, Vic Gundotra said in a blog post, "Today, the connections between people increasingly happen online. Yet the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools. Through the Google Plus project, we'd like to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software".

In what may sound outrageous to some, the company has claimed that this new service aims to "fix" the "broken" and "awkward" way in which people interact online at present. Certain interesting features in the service such as Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, and Mobile may be worth a look at. Circles, for example, shares the user's information with a large number of his \ her friends and colleagues (rather than only close friends), thus expanding the friends circle of the user. That does not mean that all your info will be up for grabs. Google clarifies that the service will let users share just the right things with just the right people. The feature allows the user to club certain groups of users, such as My school pals, My colleagues, etc. Information shared in such groups will be exclusive to the group members.

Similarly, Hangouts lets you convey to your friends when you will be free for a video hangout: to watch online videos together, just like going to a movie together. Sparks is a feed of things you're interested in. You can specify your fields of interest, so that when you're free, there will always be something waiting to be watched, read, or shared. Users will also have access to an Instant Upload feature using which, Google will instantly add photos taken by a user to a private album in the cloud, with the permission of the user, of course. One major difference between Google's new service and Facebook, is that the former will let users video chat with several friends simultaneously. Currently, this service is in the pilot stage and is available by invitation only and seemed to have temporarily exceeded its capacity when we last visited. Nevertheless, you can visit the home page of this service, leave your email address, and wait for Google to get back to you. Android phone users can download the Google+ application from the Market.

Will Google+ be able to upset Facebook and become the new king of social networking web space? Or will it fizzle out like Google's much-hyped Buzz? In our opinion, it will depend on the number of original ideas incorporated into this service and also the ease of accessibility to the user. Please let us know your take on this, in the space below.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Airtel 3G's launch of international video calling services

Have you ever missed sharing a special moment with a lovedone living abroad, or wished you could share visual information instantly withyour colleagues in the international markets? Now talking with your family,friends and colleagues based overseas is just one video call away.

Bharti Airtel, leading global telecommunications companywith operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa, today announced thelaunch of its International Video Calling capabilities on 3G for its customersin India.With this, Airtel 3G mobile customers in the country will now be able toleverage Airtel internet on 3G to makeinternational video calls and interact face-to-face with their loved ones andcolleagues living abroad - instantly sharing experiences and information.

Launching the service Atul Bindal, President – MobileServices, Bharti Airtel said, “At Airtel, it is our constant endeavor tointroduce services that enrich the lives of our customers. As we take the leadin launching International Video Calling on 3G in India, this marks the beginning of a new era of next generation communication in the country - one that will helpmobile customers break the barrier of boundaries and instantly connect withtheir personal and business network across the world.

 Given the high demand ofvideo calling services seen since the launch of Airtel 3G services, we areconfident that our customers will see great value from the availability of thiscapability for international calls as well. We invite our 3 million plus Airtel 3G customers to enjoy this exciting experience”.

Airtel’s International Video Calling is currently available for 227 international geographies. An Airtel 3G customer in India can see andtalk with his friends and relatives in USA, Canada, Bangladesh face to facethrough video call at just Rs. 14/min, while on the move. Similarly, video callsto UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Oman are priced at Rs. 20 per-minute.

As a pre-requisite to making ISD video calls, both thecaller and the called customer have to be on 3G network and have a front-camera in their 3G handset in their respective countries.

'Sea Ray' Nokia's windows operating phone info leaked

Nokia announced a few days ago that the methods of the secrets of Apple products such as Nokia have not yet reveal the characteristics of the devices WP7.

Nokia’s Sea Ray’s Information Revealed on Internet

However, Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia has officially unveiled the device characteristics in an event. A video that surfaced on the Internet, where Mr. Elop set the phone to the public. This mobile phone is almost like Nokia N9, but Windows 7 platform telephone installed in it.

Well, the video is clear enough, but you can get a number of features. Elop talks about the 8-megapixel camera has a Carl Zeiss lens. In addition, all will be the name of Sea Ray.

If Sea Ray comes to resemble N9, then it could include features such as 1 GB of RAM, 1 GHz processor and 3.9-inch WVGA AMOLED.

This video has been released by the TechNet Web site in Hungary. Hu. The CEO had already announced to close all the cameras that the image should be released, but this site has violated its mandate. Elop said something to the event, which is super-confidential and do not want to see in the bloggersphere.

This video is quite not clear and is made through a hidden camera. There are many such incidents of the leaking of the information on the internet.

HTC Flyer launched in India

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has announced the launch of its first tablet - Flyer HTC - in India to compete with existing players such as Galaxy Tab from Samsung, BlackBerry and Apple iPad Playbook.

HTC Flyer launched in India

 The tablet of seven-inch touch screen, works with HTC Sense, a graphical user interface and combines a natural feel and pen interaction.

HTC announced the HTC watch, combined with a new video service, the debut of the HTC Flyer tablet, and works with a pioneer in the game cloud OnLive, Inc. for the launch of the first cloud-based mobile-gaming is a tablet.

"HTC believes that many people are progressing beyond a single wireless device paradigm into an era where some will own multiple wireless devices that serve their different needs. We saw an opportunity to create a tablet experience that is different, more personal and productive," said Faisal Siddiqui, country manager, HTC India.

Source: times of india

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yahoo India is joining with Indian schools for internet education

Yahoo India is planning to tie up with schools in Tier II and Tier III towns to provide internet education. The collaboration would be aimed at networking with schools with basic computer laboratories and classes till standard VIII.
The module would cover various aspects of internet, including email, search, accessing mobile internet and tips on internet safety to students. “We are in the process of finalising this programme and it would be launched soon,” Yahoo’s senior director (marketing) Nitin Mathur told Business Standard.

Mathur said various studies showed a good number of students in metro cities had access to internet at home. “Therefore, we wish to take this project to smaller towns, where students are mostly deprived of such facilities,” he said.
Yahoo also runs a similar programme, ‘Learn with Yahoo’, in collaboration with different cyber cafes across the country through which a person can sit for a 60-minute learning module on various aspects of the internet.

 “The successful completion of this module ensures a certificate,” Mathur said. Currently, the programme covers 2,500 cyber cafes across 50 cities in 15 states. About 60 per cent of these cafes are located in small towns. “We had started this programme in November 2010 and have already handed over 400,000 certificates. The programme has been well received, both by cyber cafes and the general public and we plan to continue it,” he said.

Mathur also said Yahoo had launched a mobile application which allowed easy browsing and surfing. “Our research shows new internet users are keen to learn more about the internet, especially when it comes to surfing through mobile phones. The research also shows 55 per cent of new internet users begin their online journey at cyber cafes,” he said.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse live online free

Google live streams lunar eclipse

Don't be Afraid you're going to miss today's lunar eclipse. Google has a solution for you.

Google announced Wednesday that it's working with Slooh Space Camera to live stream today's lunar eclipse, which is only visible to people in Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Australia. Slooh Space Camera is an online astronomy platform with a robotic telescope service

watch it live below

UP : village named after as ''

So, the next time someone asks you for directions to Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, India, don’t be surprised. For the villagers belonging to this humble village in the northern Indian state, actually took up the name of the brand which adopted it as a mark of gratitude. Shiv Nagar, a lesser known part of the larger state is now well under the protective wing of, the popular online group buying brand as a part of the latter’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Way to Nagar, U.P.
Way to Nagar, U.P.

As a part of the project, Snapdeal would look after the village’s infrastructure, water facilities, and support for the local school and hospital. The change of name wasn’t a part of the plan, the company had initially wanted to further its social services, and it were the villagers who thought to thank them in a befitting manner; a privilege last earned by Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata (Tatanagar), and Gujarmal Modi (Modinagar). 

With more and more companies implementing CSR-istic policies into their business models, instances of these kinds will only mean a pleasant surprise.

tablet review : BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry's first tablet is a great piece of hardware marred by poor software. But it's set to improve, and BlackBerry fans will like it, says Matt Warman

Score: 3/5

Price: from £399 (

BlackBerry were once titans of technology – a company that produced products which did everything their users needed. Then along came Apple, Google, even a resurgent Microsoft and the Canada-based company looked a lot less lustrous because email was no longer enough.

BlackBerry Playbook

Where their business-chic products were once aspirational, they started to look like a stuffy power-suit next to their cooler, business casual cousins.
Yet in fact, a generation of young people is so addicted to BlackBerry’s instant messenger tool, BBM, that Apple has even seen fit to copy it. And the loyalty of BlackBerry’s existing customer base cannot be over-estimated. They, for now, are the target audience for the company’s first tablet, the PlayBook. Manufacturers Research in Motion may be down, but they're not out yet.

At 7”, the PlayBook is more portable than the best rival tablets, all of which are currently around 10”. It is as well built as the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab and its screen makes for a bright, sharp viewing experience whether you’re playing games or watching movies. So it looks and feels like a really professional-grade device. You could justify paying £399 for it.

That’s until you turn the thing on. A series of shorthand gestures – swipe one way to get to a certain menu, another to get to another – is supposed to make using the PlayBook effortless. In practice it takes so much getting used to that one could be forgiven for giving up. Browsing the web is fine, but that's really a basic requirement.
As has been much reported, the PlayBook also lacks the thing for which makers Research in Motion are so famed: email. If you tether your phone to your BlackBerry handset, software called Bridge means your email and calendar appear properly. Without a handset, you are left simply to access email via the web, as you could on any other device.

The logic behind this is that it’s more secure to keep your email on just one device, and simply use the PlayBook as a larger screen. This may be the way to the heart of a corporate IT manager, but users deserve better. Confronted with a security problem, BlackBerry have bodged a workaround rather than provided a solution. That's a real pity, because the operating software itself is slick, whether its editing documents or playing music.

When it comes to apps, the secret to the iPad’s success, there simply aren’t enough for the PlayBook. Yet.
Critics, however, would be foolish to write off the PlayBook. Corporate apps, from RBS to many others, are already impressive because the company has capitalised on rich relationships in those sort of markets. Accessory makers, too, are excited by the PlayBook because its users are likely to be well-heeled. Proper email is coming soon as well. RIM are playing a longer game here.

So the PlayBook is in some ways a lovely device, whose fine hardware is wasted on today’s software. If you’re a BlackBerry aficionado, it is a product you may well want to buy. You should. Probably sometime just before Christmas, when it’s been fixed. RIM had better hope the world doesn't pass them by.

BlackBerry Playbook specifications:

Operating System: BlackBerry Tablet OS

Dimensions (WxDxH): 19.4 cm x 1 cm x 13 cm

Weight: 425 g

Display: 7" TFT - 1024 x 600 - Multi-Touch

Processor: 1 GHz ( Dual-Core )


Memory: 16 GB integrated

Wireless: 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1

Digital Camera: 5 Mp rear + 3 Mp front; 1080p video record

Sony has launched new Walkman Mp3 player

Sony has launched a new Walkman MP3 player the NWZ-E363 in India.

The new MP3 player will feature their new 'Clear audio technology' and a dynamic normalizer which will smoothen sudden jumps in volume between tracks making it ideal to use during shuffle mode.

The Walkman will support up to 30 hours of audio and 4 hours of video playback. It will also feature a drag and drop file transfer system. The device will be shipped with content transfer software, which will enable synchronization with Windows Media Player and Apple's iTunes.

The 2.0-inch TFT colour display with LED backlighting will enable video consumption. The device will also feature a built in alarm, FM radio, Voice recording and Karaoke functionality.

Sony has also upgraded the Walkman UI and will support multi audio and video codec support-MP3, AAC, WMA (DRM), L-PCM, and WMV (DRM).

The new Walkman NWZ-E363 is available at all Sony Centers and other major electronic outlets across India at Rs. 4,990. The device will feature a capacity of 4 GB and will be available in black and white colours.

Nokia E6 features and Specifications

Nokia E6 touch screen smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard
It is available in 3 colors

Size Dimensions :

  • Size: 115.5 x 59 x 10.5 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 133 g
  • Volume: 66 cc

Virtual MEMORY :

·                                 Internal memory: 8 GB

·                                 Support for up to 32 GB with an external MicroSD memory card (with hot swap)
·                                 Use as USB mass memory device for storing photos, documents and more*
* You need to use Nokia Adapter Cable CA-157 for this

Battery :

Talk time (maximum):
14 h 48 min
7 h 30 min
Standby time (maximum):
681 h
744 h

Video playback time (H.264 720p, 30 fps, maximum):
8.8 h
Video recording time (H.264 720p, 25 fps, maximum):
4.8 h
Music playback time (offline mode, maximum):
75 h

Pre-Orders Begin today for Nokia-E6 : India

Nokia E6 touch screen smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard
Nokia opens Pre-order for its latest smartphone Symbian Anna-Qwerty based Smart phone  'E6', with a retail price of Rs 17,999.

It has the latest Symbian OS-Anna, which will update this operating system Symbian S60 3rd. It carries a price of 17 999 RS, but is also available for three pollutants (equated monthly installment).
Nokia claims that with this device, e-mail to write and send, using one hand.

 The display is a 2.4-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It consists of Corning Gorilla glass scratched.

The device has 8GB of internal memory and supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB. 1500mAh battery, the Nokia to the opposition, which offers a month of standby and 7.30 hours talk time and 3G GSM connections in the long term. E6 Nokia offers 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0 support with A2DP Bluetooth stereo headphones.

The device measures 115.5 x 59 x 10.5mm and weighs 133 grams. The eight megapixel full focus (EDOF) camera has a dual-LED flash, 2X digital zoom (3X in video mode) and offers HD 720p video recording at 25 frames per second.

Although the prebooking has opened for the device but there was no clarification from the handset maker on its expected delivery date.

Google to run Voice Search from Destop it'self

Google Mike Cohen took the stage, the search giant;s search for an event on june14 to update us with how research works and audio. 

Cohen says that the voice search is now available in 27 languages ​​and dialects, and estimates that the voice search is about 5 billion people, two thirds of the world population. Cohen also said that the speech recognition increased six times, and every day, Google runs more than two years of non stop talking.

Google also revealed a new feature in web search today—voice search for desktop. It’s unclear when this will launch, but basically the feature performs similarly to voice search on mobile. You click an audio microphone button in the search box, and speak your search into the computer.

Cohen says that one of the goals for Google and voice search is ubiquity, meaning the feature is included in all of Google’s search experiences. For example, in Android phones, the ability to use speech and voice search to enter information is ubiquitous across any day entry on the phone, whether it be within an app, email or on a website.

Source : 

By, Published: June 14

Facebook is Loosing it's users ?

But Facebook has denied that it is losing customers, saying it is "pleased" with growth.

The number of monitoring sites Faceboook Inside Facebook has been suggested that in May, Facebook has lost six million users in the United States and 100,000 in the UK. But the network, not normally comment on the statistics of the others, asked how he arrived at that figure. Other net metering companies said they had experienced a growth during the same period.

"From time to time, we see stories about Facebook losing users in some regions. Some of these reports use data extracted from our advertising tool, which provides broad estimates on the reach of Facebook ads and isn't designed to be a source for tracking the overall growth of Facebook," the firm said in a statement.
"We are very pleased with our growth and with the way people are engaged with Facebook. More than 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day," it added.
The figures from Inside Facebook claimed that 1.5 million Canadian users left the social network in May.
But overall it showed that Facebook was growing, to a total of 687 million users worldwide with many new customers coming from countries such as India, the Philippines and Indonesia.
Its figures on customer leakage do not appear to tally with those from net measurement firm comScore.
It told the BBC it had seen a 21% growth for US users on Facebook during May, while the UK gained 368,000 new recruits between February and May.
According to comScore, the average amount of time spent on the site was also up, from 21 minutes per day in December 2009 to 25 minutes per day by December 2010.
Measurement firm Nielsen said its figures also showed growth.
"There are months when figures dip but I'd be very cautious on calling a trend based on two months," said Nielsen spokesman Neil Beston.
The idea of Facebook fatigue, where users desert the social network after a certain period of time has long been talked about by experts but remains unproven.
"In developed countries such as the US and the UK Facebook penetration is hitting 50% and at that level it is inevitable that users will sign up who aren't frequent visitors," said Adrian Drury, lead analyst at research firm Ovum.

source : BBC news

How to watch the Lunar Eclipse tonight : guide

Redness of the moon is hidden behind the curtain is all too familiar story we all heard. For most, childhood is a distant and confusion abound. It is the light bright sky or the diamond ring in the sky, is the focus of many questions that have plagued the mind.

To begin with, let’s dissolve those illusions and delusions – there are no werewolves, and if you’re pregnant, your kid won’t be born with missing toes and oddly-shaped marks. So all those mommas feel free to shuffle around!
In an attempt to vanquish demon superstitions – here’s what those 160-something IQ-ed science geeks have to say:
First, you cannot have a lunar eclipse without a full moon at night, and unlike its alter ego – the solar eclipse, you can view the event from several spots on earth. So, if you’re planning to travel, make sure you hit Africa, Central Asia, South America, Europe, Australia or the Philippines – or just sit back at home in India.
Lucky for us, we will be witnessing what is called a total lunar eclipse. A total eclipse sees an inflamed moon, crimson-hued in the darkest of skies eclipses could have. For those who value their sleep, the eclipse lasts for almost three and a half hours. The eclipse shall commence with a dimming disappearance of the moon, also called the partial phase.
When it’s time, the moon shall shy away behind the triumphant shadow of the earth. Blocking out the light of the sun, the moon will slowly be eschewed till it reappears with its fiery facet during the total phase. Playing hide and seek once again, the body disappears to resurface in its placid tone of grey thereby ending the eclipse.

Perplexities often arise on understanding how the moon changes its colour when the sun is blocked out. It is merely a reflection of the earth from the residue rays of the sun that filter through. The ash and dust in the atmosphere determine the shade that the moon would be adorning. Experts are excited this year, as they are hoping to see what effect the ash cloud over Europe would have on the eclipse.
For those who wish to capture the moment, your can take a long look with your bare eyes. Unlike solar eclipses, you wouldn’t need those shades! And for them clickers, you needn’t protect your camera with filters – the same logic works here.
So fuel-up with some Red Bull and keep those shutters ready. Total lunar eclipses can be quite a sight, quite a rare one in fact.
So, from 11:52pm to 3:30am, don’t forget to eat your way through superstition, and celebrate the moon in full bloom.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motorola to drop brand name 'MOTOBLUR'

In response to public interface MOTOBLUR feedback, the company is leaving this brand name. Motorola intends to continue using custom user interface for Android-based devices.

Motorola Mobility's chief executive officer, Sanjay Jha, noted that several improperly tested third-party Android applications are responsible for the poor performance of smartphones.

Instead, he said that the Motorola Motoblur user interface would offer better power management for Android devices. At a recent launch of a smartphone with Sprint and Verizon, the company's executives refrained from talking about using the Motoblur user interface for next generation devices.

Last year, Jha stated that the company will "focus on the value proposition of products and not Motoblur as a brand name." It was later confirmed by the company's spokesperson at the launch of Photon 4G and Triumph.

As reported earlier, the company is working on a new user interface that will focus more on the interface skin and on social networking for the next generation of Android devices. It is precisely the reason why not many devices and in fact no Motorola device available in India runs it.

Motorola India's spokesperson shared, "currently there are no plans of introducing Motoblur in India."

Motorola seems to be warding off Motoblur as a name but will continue to use the optimised custom interface for the next generation of Android smartphones.

The new interface is said to be more focused on social networking. The custom interface constantly checks with Motorola's servers if the user's social network account has any updates.

Last week HTC announced the opening of its custom user interface HTC Sense to the developer community for developing apps. Many industry observers are expecting Motorola to follow in the lines of HTC and do the same for the benefit of users.

We can rest assured that all future devices from Motorola will get the UI update, but we are not sure if the same updated user interface would be made available in India as well.

source :

Mahatma Gandhi's face on 'Red Planet Mars'

Mahatma Gandhi has been spotted in an unlikely place – the surface of Mars. Italian space enthusiast Matteo Lanneo was scouring through images taken by Europe’s Mars Express probe and stumbled across a shot that, to some, looks like the profile of Gandhi.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Mahatma Gandhi has been spotted in an unlikely place – the surface of Mars.
The U.K.’s Daily Mail believes so, as do the Indian newspapers that picked up the story. However, readers of U.K. tabloid the Sun would find that the image is actually of loudmouth cockney Alf Garnett, the fictional character played by Warren Mitchell in British sit-coms “Till Death do us Part” and “In Sickness and in Health,” which were broadcast from the 1960s through the ‘80s.
“GAWD Blimey! Legendary TV Loudmouth Alf Garnett puts in an unexpected appearance on Mars,” the Sun reports in typical style, while the Daily Mail goes with the headline: “It’s Mars-hatma Gandhi!” and claims that the outcrop on the Red planet bears “an uncanny resemblance to the father of the Indian nation.”

Screengrab from the Sun’s website
The Sun likened the image to fictional character Alf Garnett.
“The head appears to have a moustache and shaven head and prominent eyebrows, just like the political leader,” the Daily Mail continues, choosing to ignore that the “ear” is cauliflower, at best, the moustache belongs to a 19th century strongman and the “neck” is in desperate need of medical attention.
Sadly, neither report says what the discoverer Mr. Lanneo thought he saw. The odds are he recognized Gandhi, not the outspoken bigot Alf Garnett, whose global reach and legacy isn’t quite as strong as the Mahatma’s, even though his sit-coms do still reappear on British television from time to time.
The Gandhi-Garnett image is just the latest example of famous faces cropping up in strange places. Hardly a year goes by without a story of the Virgin Mary appearing in a potato salad orJesus Christ popping up in a Kit-Kat or on a chapatti. Even a house in the Welsh city of Swansea was said by some to look like Adolf Hitler, while there is a website devoted to cats that resemble the Fuhrer.
Personally, if I saw the Mars image anywhere on my body I’d scribble out a will and rush straight to hospital. But some folks are willing to pay a pretty penny for these apparitions. A Florida woman sold a decade-old cheese sandwich to a casino for $28,000 in 2004 after claiming that it bore the image of the Virgin Mary and had never gone moldy.
Mr. Lanneo will struggle to eBay his bit of the Red planet, but seeing Gandhi’s face up there probably beats seeing it in a Mars bar.
Do you think the image on Mars looks like Gandhi? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
Follow Will Davies on Twitter @willmhdavies.

Apple gives-in Nokia gets on-going royalties - dispute ends

Apple has agreed to license patents held by Nokia cellular phones, that triggered a long legal battle between the two companies.

The agreement will settle all patent litigation between Nokia and Apple, and both will withdraw their complaints with the U.S. International Trade Commission. In addition, Apple supports Nokia unidentified lump sum and ongoing royalties, Nokia announced today.

"We are very pleased to have Apple join the growing number of Nokia licensees," Stephen Elop, president and chief executive officer of Nokia, said in a statement. "This settlement demonstrates Nokia's industry leading patent portfolio and enables us to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market."

These all started back in 2009-october by Nokia. Nokia sued Apple Inc. in for more than 10 wireless handset patents which Nokia alleged that it owned them.

10 patents that Apple has reportedly refused to license to make phones that can operate in GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi networks. These include patents for wireless communication, speech coding, security and encryption according to Nokia.

source :

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cyber-criminals to reach a new frontier

With the Symbian mobile operating systems Android and the environment becomes popular malware, a new report confirms mobile malware as a new challenge for cybercrime.

McAfee Q1 report also reveals that threats in the first quarter of 2011, spam is remained at its lowest level since 2007.

"Even though this past quarter once again showed that spam has slowed, it doesn't mean that cybercriminals aren't actively pursuing alternate avenues. We're seeing a lot of emerging threats, such as android malware," says Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs.With its growing popularity the android device platform solidified its spot as the second most popular environment for mobile malware behind the symbian operating system.

"The number of malware attacks on android devices found in a single month this quarter is the same as reported in the whole of year 2007," says Vinoo Thomas, Technical Product Manager, McAfee.McAfee Labs found that the most prominent types of android mobile malware were Android/DrdDream, Android/Drad, Adnroid/StemySCR.A and AndroidBgyoulu, which affected everything from games to applicatioin to SMS data.

"The cybercriminals behind the Zeus crimeware toolkit have also directed attacks toward the mobile platform, creating new versions of Zitmo mobile malware for both Symbian and Windows Mobile systems," says the report. .

The longest lunar eclipse on June 15

Kolkata: One of the longest total lunar eclipse will take place on the night of June 15 and running all over India. celestial event, the first lunar eclipse this year, more visible in almost near the zenith, the director (research and academics),

 MP Birla Planetarium DP Duar. It can be seen in the sky Calcutta 00:52 to 2:32, so it is one of the longest in recent times. When the big picture, the partial eclipse ends at about 3:52 am on June 16 than India, is visible in the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Western Europe.

Observers throughout Europe will miss the start of the eclipse because it will happen before the moon.

The next lunar eclipse should be visible in India, will be a total of 10 December this year, but lasted only 25 minutes, Duar said. He said January 31, 2018 will Kolkatans could see another total lunar eclipse.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Idea's 3G services now come to Trivandrum and Nedumangad

Idea Cellular has extended its 3G services to two more towns in Kerala - Trivandrum and Nedumangad - in addition to Kochi, Calicut, Trichur, Palghat, Kannur, Malapuram, Alleppey, Pathanamthitta and Kollam, where it is already providing third generation telephony services.

 "Post the launch in these two cities, Idea subscribers will get an opportunity to experience high-end data services such as video conferencing, Idea Mall application store, mobile TV, video on demand, and high-speed Internet browsing with ease and convenience of use at affordable rates," said Ramakrishna B, chief operating officer, Kerala, Idea Cellular.

Idea has already added over two lakh 3G subscribers in Kerala, claimed the company in a press release.

Idea Mall is Idea's Application Store which offers an entire catalogue of games and applications on web and mobile platforms. All of Idea's 2G and 3G subscribers, using mobile handsets that support web browsing, will be able to choose from more than 30,000 applications — both free and paid.

Idea's national 3G footprint now covers over 400 towns and the company is planning to cover 750 towns by mid 2011, and 4,000 towns by the end of FY12.

Idea's 3G services are now available in nine circles: MP, Gujarat, HP, UP West, UP East, AP, Kerala, Haryana, besides Maharashtra & Goa.

With upto 21 Mbps speed, 3G users can do a variety of tasks on their mobile like downloading songs, streaming videos on YouTube, streaming audio, photo updates on Facebook, mail and other online media, movie downloads, watching mobile TV, e-mailing with attachments, blog postings, viewing photos, and HD Gaming.